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We believe that your holiday must enrich your life, recharge your batteries and leave indelible impression and memories
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This is an unforgettable adventure for everyone who wants to explore the most beautiful places of Cap Cana!
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Recharge Your Batteries! We believe that your holiday must enrich your life, recharge your batteries and leave indelible impression and memories Book it now!
Unforgettable Adventure! This is an unforgettable adventure for everyone who wants to explore the most beautiful places of Cap Cana! Book it now!

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Reviews (1200+)

19.06.2019Lena - on airbnb.com

Everything was excellent! I enjoyed my stay, and I think to come back here in the future. As I wish I would stay longer here. The place was beautiful and clean. I also liked the… Read more

17.06.2019Ernest - on airbnb.com

We had a amazing time the place is beautiful and the location is perfect. They helped us book our adventures, gave us tips on where to eat/drink and not to eat/drink plus arranged for two… Read more

19.05.2019Raisberys - on airbnb.com

The place was better than I ever expected! At first, I had my doubts since pictures can be different than what you see in person, but I was wrong! The villa blew me away for… Read more

12.05.2019Lavonte - on airbnb.com

First off the location of the apartment is AMAZING. The beach is literally at your door step. Amazing view to wake up too and Amazing view to watch the sunset. The apartment is also in… Read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book on this site?

You can book without any commission fee - just use our booking form or mail/call us directly. Or you can book on airbnb.com, homeaway.com or booking.com - we are represented in all major booking services.

What if I have any problems?

We provide personalized service in Punta Cana. You will have your personal resort concierge, who will check you in and provide personal information and personalized guidance. If you have a problem or question, do not hesitate to contact your personal resort conciege.

Book a hotel or apartment?

The choice depends on your preferences. If you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Punta Cana away from noisy companies and be safe in Punta Cana, we advise you to choose from our apartments or villas.

How is Punta Cana for vacation?

Punta Cana is the main vacation destination in the Dominican Republic, famous for beautiful tropical nature and entertainment facilities. We recommend you to visit Saona island, El Limon waterfall, Scape Park, golf courses and enjoy seadiving.

Best places to stay in Punta Cana, DR

Beyond all doubt, Punta Cana is highlighted among the other cities in the Dominican Republic your plane can land in. Beneficial location from a viewpoint of its closeness to other important destinations and very peculiar coastline make Punta Cana a favorite holiday place and a great choice to stay in. But when the choice is made and the airtickets are booked, there is high time to answer the question “where to stay in Punta Cana?”

As many experienced tourists claim “a package deal” is not an option at all. It is too averaged and too disappointing since each traveler has his own expectations and needs. What is more, we all have different paces of life and what is suitable for one is absolutely inappropriate for another. Families with kids prefer early down-lying, groups of friends want to party all night long. Some need animation, other desire silence and calmness. And how to comply with all your neighbors’ habits?

The answer is obvious – you need private accommodation. A place where you will enjoy the privacy and unity with wild nature. Or in contrast will be whooping things up around the clock. So, to make your vacation genuinely enjoyable and unique try to abstract your mind from trivial hotel offers and turn your attention to Punta Cana private lodging, since it not only can help you individualize the holiday, but also can save your money! Let’s consider some aspects (and may be secrets) you should know to choose the best variant for you.

Aspect #1. Quantity of travelers

If you travel alone or with your partner, it won’t be a problem to pay for a hotel suite. But if you are a family with kids or a group of friends or may be several families traveling together, it will be a serious problem! It is difficult and very expensive to accommodate more than 2-3 guests in one suite. Additional sleeping accommodation as a rule is uncomfortable, usually it is a folding or an arm-chair bed. Besides, beds take almost the whole space in a suite, so you just can’t allocate your guests to spend time together drinking tea or playing table games. For the price of one or two hotel suites you may get fully equipped apartments or a villa with your own kitchen, terrace, pool and several rooms.

So, the first point is money. If you travel with more than 2 fellow travelers it is much more profitable to book private accommodation. Sometimes it can be more profitable even if you are just 2 or 3 people, since there are also offers of cozy apartments suitable for small quantity of guests. It is still cheap, but at the same time provides privacy and individual proprietorship of all amenities.

Aspect #2. Preferred location

We appreciate private accommodation for the opportunity to choose any location you want to visit. Usually we are not enthusiastic about living in overcrowded with hotels and hostels areas. We prefer something more distinguished and authentic. Because staying at a hotel deprive travelers a chance to feel the life in the country acutely, with its peculiarities and features. Our reasoning is simple – if you are going to miss all this out what for you are travelling abroad all in all? So, the possibility to lead a life as natives do – is the second point why we choose private apartments.

Speaking about Punta Cana surroundings, it cannot but be mentioned that the destination attracts thousands of Golf lovers. Top Golf clubs of the Caribbean and Latin America are situated there, in a so called “Golf capital” of the Republic. For those who are going to take lessons in Cocotal (a beautiful Golf complex) it is reasonable to book apartments or a condo in a center of Cocotal Golf & Country Club. It’s not only convenient, but also let players enjoy that unmatched atmosphere genuine admirers highly appreciate. And besides, the price range starts with very affordable offers, just $69 per 5 guests’ apartment!

Aspect #3. Special requirements

And of course may be the main reason to choose private accommodation is the possibility to match your lodging with your special needs and requirements. For families with kids it can be crucial to have a private kitchen and not to depend on hotel restaurant menu or working hours and prices of near buffets and snack-bars. Besides, it provides more space children can play in and nobody would be displeased they occupied the whole pool or patio.

Or maybe you are interested only in the sea and don’t want to overpay for hotel pools and other amenities. Just choose a condo or villa without it and pay only for what you really use. So, all in all, the first step you have to do is to set the priorities and then choose something genuinely appropriate to your expectations. The sky is your limit! You’ll certainly find what you really need to make your vacation in Punta Cana unforgettable!

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